Monday, December 29, 2008

a trip to the other coast (part 1)

Since I am from LA, I went to go visit my family for the winter holidays (aka, a 4-day extended weekend whirlwind getaway.) Below are some food highlights from my trip, countdown style. I'm going to take a few days here to post these; build some anticipation for my 2 readers out there. Who's excited to see what number one is?!

NUMBER 4- Sparky's

Hands down THE BEST frozen yogurt that ever existed. Granted, I am completely biased since I have been going there since I was toddling. Sparky himself remembers me from those days and reminds me of this when I go with either of my parents. Sparky's always has two flavors of carbolite yogurt, or as my dad calls it, "no-no-no-yogurt" for no fat, no sugar, no carbs, (almost) no calories. My favorite carbolite flavor is angel food cake but flavors change several times a week. As angel food cake was nowhere to be found on my recent visit I went carbolite-free with tart yogurt with white and dark chocolate chips on one visit and fudge and vanilla swirl with peek-a-boos the other.

SIDENOTE: Sparky is the man who got me calling these little treats
peek-a-boos. I (happily) blame him for all of the weird looks I have received at other frozen yogurt shops across the country. Come on people, I know they're called nonpareils but how much more fun is peek-a-boo?!! Embrace the sense of humor here! END SIDENOTE.

Sparky's is housed in Santa Monica, on Main street in Arnold Schwarzenager's old building. We're talking pre-governor days here. In any case, Arnold has since sold the building and due to rising rent costs Sparky has decided to only renew his lease for another 3 years (and this was around last summer). The man is resilient but get it while you can! When a Pinkberry opened down the street a year or two ago and then a Red Mango across the street, I was heartbroken. I was sure it was the end but Sparky's held strong! I may or may not have wooed a couple of groups of people not to cross the street to the dark side but I'm not here to take credit. The only reason this is number 5 is because I always visit when I am home. Several times. Take this visit, 2 out 4 full days, I made a Sparky's run. And it wasn't nearly enough.

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