Friday, December 26, 2008

airport breakfast

Eating wheat-free can be hard enough. Traveling and eating wheat-free is even harder. Eating wheat-free breakfast on-the-go, while traveling can be nearly impossible.

I always travel with food but sometimes I rather die than eat yet another granola bar from my purse or am just in the mood for something different. Who would have thought that STARBUCKS, out of all places, would be the place to save me the other day in the airport at 7:45 am. With oatmeal! Genius! (Although beware, not gluten-free.) Starbucks now offers oatmeal, with a choice of toppings (brown sugar, dried berries, or nuts). Thanks to the friendly midwest attitude, my barista gave me all 3 toppings. The plain oatmeal is instant and poured into a cup with hot water. At less than $3, you can't really go wrong. For the record, I do not conceptually support Starbucks but they are the only place I can rely on for almost guaranteed soy milk stock (and now oatmeal, too!) Think of all the trips I can go on without worrying about bringing breakfast supplies!

Even though it's instant, the oatmeal tastes pretty good. It doesn't get that gloppy, overcooked consistency that you might find in oatmeal that has been stewing for hours. The dried fruit and nuts are a welcome accompaniment, especially compared to your standard raisin topping. It made waiting for an early morning flight positively pleasant--not an easy thing to do.

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