Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Top 5 NYC Wheat-Free Spots

1. Babycakes Bakery: I would sell my unborn child to have enough money to buy one of everything in this bakery. The cupcakes are no Magnolia Bakery but they’re good. And everything else is even better.

2. Viva Herbal Pizzeria: Spelt pizza! My “normal” friends happily eat it.

3. The Redhook Vendors: Pupusas and tacos and huaraches, oh my! Masa is my friend.

4. Yuca Bar: For brunch that isn’t toast, English muffin, pancake, or otherwise wheat based, try the Yuca Benedictos or Arepas Benedictos.

5. 16 Handles: This had nothing to do with wheat and everything to do with my love of frozen yogurt. I couldn’t leave it out.

More details (and pictures) of each of these to come!

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