Wednesday, January 20, 2010

project: bourbon ginger floats

here's a fun one. the essence of the celebration or cheering up moment escapes me. hell, i think it was just another tuesday. no, wait, it WASN'T just another tuesday because this one involved bourbon floats. let me repeat that for those of you in the back row. bourbon-mother-effing-floats. it's no secret that i have a fondness in my heart for bourbon. (see exhibit a, boozy peaches. exhibit b, my mom tells me to drink hot toddies when i'm sick, to come.) but this one really took it to new heights for me.

my lovely dinner guests showed up with a pint of
ginger ice cream, among other things. the ice cream (reed's) was a mild vanilla with bits of crystallized ginger throughout. the details of how this master plan came together escape me. it was all probably part of their incredible foresight but all i can remember is how we effortlessy combined the ice cream, some bourbon and gingerale for a delciously yummy beverage and dessert. just be careful about throwing them back too quickly...

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