Tuesday, July 28, 2009

boozy peaches (csa week 4)

i was thrilled to see peaches show up in the csa bounty this week but they weren't quite at their prime. when becky crocker came over for a surprise visit the other night, it was the perfect time to employ the following method for some yummy but underdeveloped peaches.

we were just going to cut up the peaches and throw them in a pan with some butter and brown sugar but then the discussion took a turn towards alcohol. bourbon, to be more specific. so, into the pan it went. what resulted was a deliciously perfect topping for some frozen yogurt (yes, it's in my freezer at all times, in case you were wondering). the butter and sugar caramelized beautifully and the bourbon flavor was slightly there just to add to the butterscotchiness of it all without being too strong.

boozy peaches
  • peaches, sliced
  • a couple of tablespoons of butter (enough to keep the pan moist)
  • some brown sugar
  • splash of bourbon
  • melt butter in pan, add brown sugar and stir
  • let sugar melt and reduce slightly, then add peaches and toss
  • add a splash of bourbon (off the heat!) and allow to cook for a few minutes

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