Thursday, June 11, 2009

csa time!

after a couple of years of hesitation, i finally took the leap to join a csa. if you're saying "cs-what?" let me take a moment to explain.

csa stands for community supported agriculture. it is a partnership between a farm and a group of supporters. basically, you invest a certain amount of money in this local farm at a time when costs are the highest for them (at the beginning of the season). in return, you receive oodles of fresh, local produce weekly (full share) or biweekly (half share). in addition, the csa brings together a community of people, often hosting events, including farm visits. my CSA is the
greenpoint williamsburg CSA via the garden of eve farm, on long island. i have a half vegetable (7-10 items per pickup; $265), fruit (2-3 items per pickup; $140), and egg share (1/2 dozen per pickup; $35).

for a couple of years i've toiled with the idea of joining a csa but i was nervous about the cost and the amount of food i would be getting. it seems expensive when you look at it upfront but given that my weekly grocery shopping involves mostly fruits and vegetables, i figured now was as good a year as any to try it out. the most exciting thing about this, to me, is that i will have to use all sorts of items i never usually buy. i imagine ramps, rhubarb, turnips, and kale, to name a few. i will learn to like kale!

every other week, i'll post the week's pickup, try to give a cost analysis (is it REALLY worth it?!) as well as let you know how i use each item. i'm going to try my darnedest not to just enjoy each fruit or veggie in it's natural, unadulterated, raw state, just for kicks. although, these versions seem to usually taste the best...

so get ready for week number 1!

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