Thursday, February 5, 2009

back to the oatmeal thing...

there's nothing quite like oatmeal on a 12 degree morning. that's why I decided to use my $1 jamba juice oatmeal coupon earlier today. i realize that to an outsider it may seem that i'm a bit obsessed (see oatmeal post 1 and 2) but seriously everyone, oatmeal is great and jamba is kicking starbuck's ass on this one. these steel cut oats taste like just that. cooking them with soymilk gives them an additional creamy taste. and the topping! i'm usually not a fruit compote fan but in this case, my apple cinnamon topping had the perfect balance of tart apples and a sweet sauce. my vote is to omit the brown sugar topping. not only does it have wheat in it but the topping was sweet enough for me.

what's that? you want one of those coupons? okay, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. you're welcome.

jamba vs. starbucks
jamba oatmeal (plain)
180 calories
3g fat
5g sugar
topping options: bananas (50 calories), berry compote (70 calories), apple cinnamon topping (70 calories), brown sugar crumble (40 calories)

starbucks oatmeal (plain)
140 calories
topping option
3g fat
0g sugar
toppings: mixed nuts (100 calories), brown sugar (50 calories), or dried berries (100 calories)
price: about $3


  1. you are my hero. p.s my capchta text word was: spermis.

  2. I usually go to Jamba for oatmeal - my favorite breakfast after an early workout on a cold morning. But I went to starbucks the other day for oatmeal and they took a cup and put hot water on my oatmeal :O instant oatmeal! I think the one at Jamba Juice takes an hour to make before they open and tastes awesome...the grains are whole, not crushed, rolled, sliced or whatever they do to process instant. Instant oatmeal doesn't really have most of the nutritional value that oatmeal is known for. You can read that in the fiber and protein. You have to get the un-processed, hour-to-cook, real kind for that. At $1 for JJ oatmeal I may start having it for lunch too!

  3. it puts gross sloppy oatmeal everywhere to shame!

  4. Hmm...I'm curious about how you're eating oats when you're wheat free. But maybe you're wheat free and not gluten free?

  5. hi liz, exactly. lucky for me i am only wheat-free, not gluten-free and therefore can indulge in spelt and oats.

  6. Ah, very nice. I liked your corn meal post. I've started turning it into breakfast cereal (it's a wonder what maple syrup can do for something that's usually assigned to dinner!)

  7. ooh, that sounds great! basically just grits and maple syrup?

  8. On the way down the mountain from Big Bear last weekend we pulled over at Starbuck's. It was snowing like mad, and oatmeal sounded great.

    Unfortunately what I received was 1/4 inch of instant oatmeal at the bottom of a giant cup. After finishing it in 3 bites, I was underwhelmed to say the least.

    I'll give JJ oatmeal a shot. Although I used to detest it as a child, I've grown to like the hearty steel cut oatmeal, and your review makes it sound yummy!


  9. Hi Evan,

    I'll admit that I was happy to find the Starbucks oatmeal when I was in the airport but you're absolutely right that it's somewhat lacking.

    Definitely check out the JJ oatmeal--apple cinnamon! I promise good things.