Thursday, January 15, 2009

the oatmeal trend continues!

Watch out, Starbucks, Jamba Juice is on the loose! Now I know this doesn't help those gluten-free people out there but if wheat is your issue, then take note!

I was pleasantly greeted upon my exit from the subway this morning by a man in a giant banana costume. Keep in mind it was 18 degrees and snowing. AM New York man didn't stand a chance. In any case, banana man (jamba juice employee) was handing out fliers. The man was wearing a giant banana, so I took one. Not only did it announce the new oatmeal offering but it also provided me with TWO $1 oatmeal coupons!

The oatmeal is organic steel-cut oats (no instant oatmeal here) made with soymilk. Flavor choices include apple cinnamon (compote), blueberry-blackberry (compote) and fresh banana. There is also a brown sugar crumble but careful--upon inspection of the jamba juice website, the brown sugar topping contains wheat!

read my full review of it here.


  1. I think every day would be better if it started with a man in a banana suit giving gifts

  2. or a person in any sort of fruit suit...

  3. Oh dude! I saw that last night in a Jamba Juice and thought how awesome it'd be if there was one on my way to school or work...mmmm, oatmeal.

    Poor bastard must have really pissed off the boss.