Monday, January 12, 2009

go go zo food bites

1) gluten-free pasta

Today's NY Times featured an article on gluten-free pasta options:

My vote is for the brown rice pasta! It makes sense that the pasta would work out well since brown rice has that dense, chewy texture.

2) trader joe's chimichurri salmon

Yes, another Trader Joe's plug so soon. I encourage you to try out tj's chimichurri wild pacific salmon. It comes frozen--yes, FROZEN! (So you can keep it around and not have to worry about making it right away before it spoils) AND it's wild! (So you can feel good about eating it). Most importantly, it's good. The sauce contains delicious ingredients you can actually read (no hidden wheat or gluten) and since the fish has already been marinated it has great saturated flavor, which is otherwise tough to accomplish in 10 minutes.

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