Saturday, January 31, 2009

friday night at whole foods

friday night, i concluded a rough week with an evening at whole foods. my surrogate big sister and blogger treated me to tea (jade cloud) and snack (gluten-free snickerdoodle). it was just what i needed to wrap up an otherwise stressful week. my cookie was delicious and it felt extra special because i rarely ever eat snickerdoodles. although gluten-free, the texture was good--light but not too crumbly. it was the first time i have noticed this brand but gilbert's gourmet goodies makes cookies and cookie dough without gluten, nuts, soy, milk, or corn. in addition to being sold at whole foods, they are also available here.

among other things, we ended up discussing soy. soy is controversial for environmental and health reasons, which is a complete bummer for those of use who are vegan, lactose intolerant, and/or insert other dairy free reason here. modern day soy consumption seems to have been revolutionized by silk, giving the soy milk market a delicious, readily available option. additionally, soy milk is the go-to milk alternative and is available in many restaurants and stores, so switching to another alternative seems intimidating. i drink and eat soy because of my lactose intolerance and other health issues. therefore, i have decided to switch my milk alternative at home to almond milk to cut back on the soy consumption, even if only just a little. a quick comparison:

silk light plain (1 cup)

70 calories
20 calories from fat
2g fat
30% calcium and vitamin d

almond breeze unsweetened original (1 cup)

40 calories
30 calories from fat
3g fat
20% calcium, 25% vitamin d

and if you're looking for a friday night hotspot, union square whole foods might just be the place.


  1. I am vegan and I rarely eat soy. I know it is genetically modified and it bothers me that it is soo processed. I make my own almond milk at home. I have also made oat milk which is great cold on cereal!
    Nut, seed and grain milk are simple to make: nuts, water, blend, strain, chill, enjoy!
    It keeps for about a week in the fridge and you know exactly what is in it.


  2. thanks, zucchini! readers, stay tuned for a homemade almond milk post coming soon!

    and yes, berkowitz, it truly is a place to see and be seen. i felt slightly under dressed...

  3. Can I come over for homemade almond milk???

    xox, Your big sis

  4. homemade almond milk night at zo's house to come.