Thursday, March 3, 2011

LACTOSE FREE yogurt!!!

subtitle: my prayers have been answered.
not that i'm a religious person. but that's a whole different story.

i have gone through countless conversations and internet investigations to figure out the truth that is lactose + yogurt. there's my dad's theory, "you'll be fine," that i've fought for years. "no dad, severely lactose intolerant..." then there was the friend who was working with fage. in case you haven't heard, there are many greek yogurt lactose rumors out there. "PLEASE! just ask them! how much lactose is in their yogurt?!"

fear no more! what's that? it DOES exist? i have no idea how long i've been missing out but last week, there
it was at whole foods!

better yet, it's AFFORDABLE. no, seriously. this week at whole foods it has been on sale for $1 each. that's the same (if not less expensive) than a silk yogurt.

and it's low fat! although tastes so creamy it left me questioning, "this is seriously low-fat?" so we're not talking super low fat. but it's certainly a delicious start.

let's compare it with something similar...

stonyfield farm low fat vanilla (6 oz)
130 calories

15 calories from fat

1.5 g fat

21 g sugar

green valley organics low fat vanilla (6 oz)
120 calories

25 calories from fat
3 g fat

9 g sugar

moral of the story: get excited!


  1. You're like Charlie Sheen but with food.

  2. i'm not quite sure what that means...but i think i like it

  3. It is really excellent. BTW, I use this as starter for homemade yogurt, also, using calcium fortified, fat-free, lactose-free milk. It is softer than the Green Valley yogurt out of the container, but good! When I found out I had become lactose intolerant sometime this past year, it was yogurt that I missed the most. Now I a happy camper again!