Thursday, March 17, 2011

the gogozo detox: the downfall

we all knew it was going to happen, right? i broke the cleanse tonight. and it was glorious. since i wasn't feeling particularly awesome by the end of day 4, decided to treat myself. to vegan fast food. that's even more hilarious, right? fake bbq chicken wings and vegan chipotle cheese fries. aaaaand a vegan pistachio milkshake. go hard or go home.

*note: i still HAVE NOT consumed any chocolate nor coffee in 4 full days. let's see what tomorrow brings.

i expected to feel pretty good after 3 days, or at least more energetic. and i also expected to feel much more used to eating less after a few days; stomach shrinkage and all of that. not to mention not feeling so badly like i was suffering from sugar withdrawal. and since this wasn't the case...what's the point? there are definitely things that i think i can take away and continue to adapt. mainly, i think i'm a fan of the hot lemon water in the morning. it definitely gives me a jolt, in someways almost more than i think coffee does.

you want to hear more about the vegan food? i'm a fan of the dairy substitutes mostly because eating dairy generally makes me feel like crap. and for me, most of the time, the vegan stuff is just as satisfying. and really what are wings, if not a vehicle for sauce? deliciously crisp skinny fries and yummy pistachio "ice cream" available at foodswings.

maybe you should all try a cleanse, if only just to break it after a few days. talk about an exciting moment.

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