Sunday, October 4, 2009

microwave potato chips! (csa week 8)

i thought that this post from the kitcn looked too good to be true: homemade potato chips, fresh from the microwave in minutes. and since i'm not so much of a potato person, it seemed like the perfect time to try these out when i got some cute little purple potatoes from the csa.

i recommend slicing the potatoes thin. this results in the crispest texture. a little thicker is good too, they just turn out chewier. Just depends on your preference. I'd recommend going for the purple potatoes. They're just so much more festive than the boring regular ones.

microwave potato chips

slice potatoes thin and arrange in a single layer on top of a paper towel lined plate. microwave for three minutes at a time and reduce the power each time. keep microwaving until crisp. sprinkle on a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

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