Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GLUTEN-FREE DOUGHNUTS at babycakes bakery nyc

it's been 6 years since i've had a doughnut. besides the phase i went through in preschool, i never had a particular liking for them until i couldn't eat them (of course). then, a few months ago, as i was wandering around whole foods, i noticed them in the freezer. however, i couldn't quite bring myself to buy a whole box of frozen doughnuts. i went with qb's instead (ice cream filled rice crispy treats)...probably not much better.

the frozen whole foods variety were the only wheat/gluten-free doughnuts i had seen around. and there are certain things i just don't care to make at home. doughnuts being one of them. so as i was checking up on my google reader (it will change your life) yesterday, i noticed
a new blog post from babycakes bakery. erin mckenna made DOUGHNUTS. gluten-free ones! and she seemed just as excited as i felt about the whole thing. what wasn't clear was whether they were actually available in the bakery yet. so i checked the blog again this morning to see if my posted question had been answered. what i found was someone who had gone to the bakery YESTERDAY and had doughnuts! so i did what any normal person would do, i called the bakery.

when i visited the bakery on this particularly hazy wenesday afternoon,
in need of a little cheery treat, coconut, cinnamon and sugar, chocolate glaze, and (i think) plain were available. i may have missed one or two options here, my head was in a doughnutty glaze and not thinking properly. i went with the chocolate (any surprise there?) can i get a hallelujah?! IT TASTED LIKE A REAL DOUGHNUT--soft and cakey (but not too gluten-free-crumbly) with a sweet, thick chocolate glaze. you know that thin, slightly crusty layer that holds everything together that old fashioned doughnuts have? yeah, this one had it too. if the other doughnuts are half as good as this one, RUN and rejoice in doughnut glory!

doughnut waiting very patiently on my desk

in an announcement today, the doughnuts are now permanently on the menu; $3.25 each!

now if only they would make some apple fritters...


  1. Back for my second comment to say HOLY CRAPANOLI that's an expensive donut! Yikes!

    (or am I just jaded because I've been out of NY for a while?)

  2. definitely fair, it is an expensive pastry. however, that being said, as it was my first one in 6 years, it was worth every single penny. and i'd do it again--and again :)

  3. I've been meaning to go to Babycakes for a while now...I've had their cupcakes and thought they were delicious, but really want to try the doughnuts. Just for the fun of it.

    Have you tried the cookies at Risotteria? They're expensive also, but definitely worth it!

  4. Hi Iris, you should DEFINITELY go to Babycakes for a doughnut, they are delicious! Amazingly, I haven't been to Risotteria lately but have been dying to get over there for a black & white! Stay tuned :)