Monday, April 20, 2009

the urbanite's costco

i had been told about amazon and their grocery savings before but couldn't quite figure out how to use it to my advantage. sure, i love to shop online and even use freshdirect but couldn't quite cross into the land of dry goods. my first thought was to buy my lactaid in bulk. think of all the money i'd save! but then it turned out that it wasn't so cheap online and purchasing $70 worth of lactaid in one sitting made me feel....pathetic.

but everyone is looking to save a few bucks these days, so come with me my friends, learn all that amazon has to offer! hint #1 - amazon does not seem like the place to pick out a couple of fun looking snacks and order. hint #2 - it seems to be most useful for those expensive staples (i.e. my favorite organic wheat-free cereal and tea). so, if you are one of those people who has a favorite gluten-free pancake mix that you use every sunday morning, this would be the perfect place to find it. amazon even has a gluten-free section AND a nifty ordering feature where you save even more money if you order the same gluten-free item regularly. i shall be subscribing to cereal. more subscriptions to come. and yes, you have to have somewhere to store 6 boxes of cereal at once but it really isn't as bad as the costco size toilet paper or tide.

and don't forget free cone day tomorrow at ben & jerry's!


  1. I love Costco, but I've been using Amazon to order almost the same things you posted about - cereal and granola bars. The prices are as good or better and there's a much, much bigger selection. You have to buy a lot - 4-6 boxes, usually - but that's not a big deal, as I go through them pretty quickly and just keep them all in an empty filing drawer in my office at work.

  2. Ah, of course! Work storage! I didn't even think of it but I do have an entire locker here. This could be trouble.