Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spelt banana bread french toast (banana bread experiment part II)

you have not read about some of my other experiments (such as the brownie pancakes) because they were complete and utter disasters. but you've got to keep trying because every so often something amazing like this happens. yes, amazing. sadly, i cannot take full credit for this but i can claim execution rights. now, a google search just revealed 280,000 results for "banana bread french toast" but i honestly never thought of it-the boy did.

what to do with that pan of banana bread that's been occupying the counter for the better part of the week THATIDIDNOT eat all in one sitting
(i'm proud)? frrreeennccchhh toast! so obviously, you'll need some banana bread. the one i used was similar to that of the original banana bread experiment. i guess the bread doesn't have to be stale but it will certainly help with that whole holding together factor. then just whip up a simple french toast batter.

spelt banana bread french toast
  • banana bread
  • 2 eggs (for a small batch)
  • milk (yes, i used real live low-fat cow's milk but i'm sure soy would work well too. use this to make it as rich (half and half) or not (nonfat) as you want it.) i don't measure the milk, i just add a bit more than a splash; you want it more eggy than milky.
  • beat together egg and milk in a shallow bowl.
  • i did not add cinnamon nor vanilla because the banana bread was already so sweet-but you certainly can.
  • let it sit for a few minutes (especially if your bread is spelt based).
  • heat a pan and add some butter. fry bread on both sides until golden brown.

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  1. They look a bit like meatballs...in a good way. They sound delicious!