Friday, March 6, 2009

road trip! red arrow diner (new hampshire)

i am hopelessly addicted to the food network. there is nothing i rather hear in the background while puttering around at home. a person cannot watch a lot of food network without catching diners, drive-ins and dives every once in a while. now i realize it is pretty disgusting to watch guy fieri stuff his over-tanning-booth-tanned face HOWEVER, this guy (haha) has come up with some deeeliiccious looking places. that being said, it is hard for me to get in a car and go somewhere without checking if one of these spots is on the way.

enter red arrow diner in manchester, new hampshire. thanks to the food network, i now visit this diner when i am visiting family and consume massive amounts of (tasty) grease.

apparently, guy deemed american chop suey the house specialty. however, as far as i'm concerned, this is the red arrow star- "special" hash browns. i get mine veggies and cheese style. it has lots of veggies: mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and crispy hash browns, all topped with that delicious slightly artificial white american cheese that gets all gooey and melty...on this particular trip, i also got 2 eggs along with it AND ATE THE WHOLE THING. ignore that toast trying to creep into the corner of my picture (i didn't eat it).

ok, this was just overkill but you cannot leave this place without ordering a slice of pie. they are so beautifu and beckon to you from the fridge. chocolate cream pie seemed like the obvious choice here. this one was the kind where the cream has more than it's fair share of shortening in it. i was only slightly disappointed at how much it dominated the chocolate portion of the pie. needless to say, i left quite full and happy.

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