Wednesday, March 18, 2009

go go zo calls food trends?

i might just be onto something here...

it all started with the oatmeal. i read
this article in one of my favorite food blogs, grub street. however, this trend seemed like a relatively obvious one and so i read the blurb, smiled and only mentioned it to one or two people. i received quite a few weblinks to the $1 jamba juice coupon after i had posted it.

but NOW, the nytimes featured an article in the dining section today about the popularity of whoopie pies (vs. cupcakes). for you 4 loyal readers out there, this just might sound familiar. if you said birthday brunch dessert, you win!

is this like horoscopes? throw enough general things out there and eventually you'll be right? i'm not sure but as long as this week's nytimes dining section is current, i'll bask in the glory. next food trend, you ask? chocolate covered popcorn. but that's only because i'd like some right now.


  1. WAIT! Does chocolate covered popcorn exist? Why was I not made aware of this?

  2. Oh, it does indeed but clearly is not wide spread enough. I feel like it's something Trader Joe's should have...

  3. i saw that article too! you are up on food trends for sure! i still need to try these! also -- i tried making the banana bread in a bread form and it just didn't turn out as well -- how do i make it more fluffy like bread? it's too dense! what am i doing wrong? help me go go zo!

  4. ah, if only i were a baker. however, if you're using spelt, it will definitely yield a denser texture. i'm going to say to throw in a little extra baking powder and soda--forget chemistry!